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Shifting Focus

When I created this blog, I was planning on traveling in my van and highlighting some of the people I met along the journey. Rather than simply share about the places I went, I intended to weave in the stories of those I crossed paths with. Obviously plans changed when New Zealand went into complete lockdown as a country and I was advised to find somewhere to get grounded and spend the next four weeks (or longer).

Fortunately, I had a connection to a bed and breakfast in Nelson, which is where I find myself writing this latest post. Living in a castle (yep, you read that right), with three other travellers, who will most certainly be featured in my future posts. They are some of the sweetest souls I have met, and we have become like sisters during these interesting times.

Once I got over the initial shock of plans changing for the foreseeable future, I sat down and asked myself why I wanted to share about the people I came across in my travels. And it's really quite simple. They don't pretend to have everything in life figured out, but in my experience, they are living life to the fullest. They understand that it is ultimately up to us as individuals to design a life worth living, which doesn't necessarily happen by following what society dictates as the 'norm'. Creating this life often happens when we have the courage to ask what it is that excites us, and then pursue what comes up for us. Sometimes these come in the form of dreams that can overwhelm us and make us question how we will ever get there. At other times, it's gentle nudges that lead us towards sharing a little more of who we are with the world each day.

It appears that I won't be jumping in the van anytime soon to continue my travels and meet new people, so I've decided to shift the focus of my blog. I am fortunate to have friends who are living their best life, so instead I will share their stories with you. Perhaps it may inspire you to take that leap and discover the life you want to create for yourself. Or a gentle reminder that there are so many different lifestyles to choose from. It may even affirm that you actually love the life you're living!

Who knows. I'm just following the little voice that tells me to share in spite of feeling vulnerable putting my words out into the world. I truly hope you enjoy the stories of those who have chosen to follow that same voice.

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