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See what some of my clients have had to say about their experience, and then book a Discovery Call today! 


It honestly took me a while to be able to write about the effect that working with Laura has had on my life. This is simply because words do not fit the ongoing experience of being guided, reminded and reintroduced to oneself. An experience I needed for a long time, that came just at the right time. I began working with Laura at a time in my life in which I was merely on the cusp of myself, reaching in all directions in order to make sense of my life. I needed a hand to guide me towards what was always there, what I knew I had seen in myself and it was Laura who created the map in which to navigate the way. In working with her, I was enabled to find a sense of self-fulfillment, success and gratitude. I have found my way home to myself under her guidance and I am ever grateful for her steadiness and wisdom which has brought me to a place of grounded purpose, happiness and self-realisation.


Laura has been my wonderful and empowering Life Coach for about over a year now. I choose to stay with Laura because of her ability to see things I sometimes cannot see myself. When she actively listens and intuitively points out important pieces of my story and provides a vessel to see my strengths within myself is inspiring. Having a Life Coach who is their authentic self builds a trusting relationship to show my vulnerable state without judgment is essential for my comfort! She helps me stay on track, take accountability when needed and motivates my goals to become a reality! Thank you for your service and anyone would be lucky to be your client!


Working with Laura has helped guide me to a beautiful place of peace and connection. I felt overwhelmed and didn't even know where to start when I first began sharing my thoughts and goals with her. Laura translated my confusion, worries, and doubts with kindness and understanding into much clearer goals. She helped me clear a path to be able to take steps in my journey to reconnect with myself. Laura has an amazing calm energy and brings a gentle compassion to each session. I am so grateful for her guidance and highly recommend her to anyone looking to feel more aligned - she is an amazing mentor to have in your corner!


Not only is Laura an incredibly gifted coach and skilled group leader, but she also has a beautifully sacred way of holding a safe, loving space for you to cultivate your deepest goals and desires. 
I participated in an intention and goal-setting session with Laura, slightly unsure of where it would lead me - as I have felt somewhat uncertain of my future. I could notice the part of myself that wanted to "get it right" or was afraid I would have nothing come to me. 
Laura first encouraged us to think about our core values - which in itself was incredibly helpful for me to identify what truly matters in my life. She then compassionately guided our group into a beautiful meditative state - allowing my fears and insecurities to drop away under her soothing voice. When it came time to journal about my intentions and future self, I was in such a relaxed and honest state under her guidance that my writing just flowed. 
Laura invited us to dream big, to cast aside all fears and dig deeply for what we truly wanted... the results were incredible. I felt like I was almost dreaming as I journaled, and when I read it back to myself I could truly feel it and see it as my reality. I would work with her again in a heartbeat and I am so grateful for the awakening and magical experience she cultivated! 

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