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My career in the wellness industry started years ago when I was feeling burnt out and disconnected from myself.  I had spent most of my life turning to others for the answers, all the while ignoring what the voice inside of me was telling me to do.  I have had years of experience coping with anxiety and depression, mostly due to the stress of trying to become a success according to the high standards set by western society.  I finally had my breaking point where I left everything behind and started seeking a slower pace of life that felt aligned to me.   Seeking counselling and coaching throughout my own journey was one of the best choices I made.  It helped me to navigate the challenges of making some major changes in my life, which wasn’t easy.  I have so much admiration for those who have the courage to step out of their comfort zone to acknowledge they want to make a change and need some help. ​I am currently a Certified Life Coach and Registered Therapeutic Counsellor.  My passion is supporting others on their journey, so that they do not feel they have to do it all alone.  I help clients reconnect to themselves, rediscover their authentic self, and live a life that feels aligned.  ​Please reach out today to schedule a 15 minute complimentary discovery call.  I can answer any questions you may have and we can determine whether we are a good fit.  

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