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Musings from the Mat

I just finished forty days of meditation and coming to the mat. While it originally began as a way to keep track of the days while the country was in lockdown, the purpose shifted. I decided to make it a part of my daily practice, to help me focus on starting my day in a way that would best serve me. By ensuring my energy stayed as high vibration and positive as possible during challenging times. The consistent practice of breath work, movement and meditation has reinforced what I've learned during my teacher training, and what I have known for many years. The way I start my day is the way the rest of my day will go. And even though I may not always want to wake up early (especially as the days get darker and colder here in the Southern Hemisphere), I never ever regret it.

Although every day looked slightly different, I can honestly say that it was such a comfort having a constant practice to look forward to. Starting the morning off by making my bed and brushing my teeth before coming to my meditation spot. Sitting in complete stillness with the smell of incense and light from a candle welcoming the morning light. Rolling out my mat in the same spot, overlooking the same beautiful view, with my warm cup of lemon water. The sounds of the birds serenading me on days I chose to practice without any music. Sometimes my flatmates joined in for practice, and other days I had solo time to express and flow with the rhythm of what my body was asking for.

Such a seemingly simple routine that brought me feelings of calmness during a time when the world felt full of chaos. Not only calming my physical body, but slowing down the racing thoughts that cluttered my mind. They all seemed to melt away, if only for the moments that I was in the present moment focusing on my practice. Focusing on the only thing I can mindset. It was amazing to notice the shift in my thoughts from the moment I opened my eyes, to post practice. Going from anxious and overwhelmed to peaceful and happy. I am so grateful to have this amazing practice of mindfulness in these moments, and am feeling drawn to start sharing more of what has supported me with others.

I encourage you to give something a try for the next 40 days. Simply taking five minutes per day to focus on your breath. To sit still and notice your body expand as you inhale...and deflate as you exhale...following the flow of your breath as a continuous loop. Pay attention to how you feel after you're done. Perhaps keeping track of your daily mood before and after your practice, and then reflecting at the end of the 40 days. I'm almost certain that, just like me, you will want to keep going and make it a part of your every day.

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